CE Marking

What is CE Marking?

CE Marking indicates that a product conforms to specific product standards known as harmonised European Norms (hEN). It enables a product to be placed legally on the market in any European member state.

From the 1st July 2013, it will become mandatory in the EU and the UK for manufacturers of construction products to apply CE marking to any of their products that are covered by a harmonised standard (hEN) – in this case windows and doors covered by BS EN 14351.

What forms a CE Mark?

1. Factory Production Control System

To qualify for a CE Mark products must achieve the prescribed levels of performance as outlined but also be manufactured in line with a factory production control system (FPC). Nolan currently holds EN ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems audited by BM TRADA so is already compliant.

2. Initial Type Testing of Products

3. Declaration of Performance (DoP)

This details the minimal information required to be in the public domain and entitles the organisation to put the CE Mark on the finished product.

All Nolan's DoPs are available to download:

CE Marking for Windows CE Marking for Doors
Download DOP 007-13 Download DOP TM-002
Download DOP 006-13 Download DOP 013-13
Download DOP 005-13 Download DOP 012-13
Download DOP 004-13 Download DOP 011-13
Download DOP 003-13 Download DOP 010-13
Download DOP 002-13 Download DOP 009-13
Download DOP 001-13 Download DOP 008-13

4. CE Mark

The CE marking and accompanying information is to be affixed visibly, legibly and indelibly on one or more of the following locations:

  • Any suitable part of the product
  • On an attached label
  • On packaging
  • On accompanying commercial documentation e.g. delivery note

If the CE marking symbol only is affixed to the product, the additional information is to be contained in document(s) accompanying the product.

Do Installers need to CE Mark?

Yes! Window installers who purchase unglazed frames and IGU’s separately are responsible for CE Marking as they are deemed to be the manufacturer as they are putting the component parts together and bringing the complete product to market.

Trade Customers

If they currently buy unglazed frames and IGU’s separately then they assume the role of the manufacturer and as such become responsible for CE Marking.

This means they will need to demonstrate evidence of a FPC System and provide a DoP and CE Mark.

By buying complete units from Nolan they avoid the expense and hassle of complying as it’s all done by Nolan as the manufacturer of the product.

What if I don’t CE Mark?

If a manufacturer places a product on the market they must meet the essential characteristics of the standard and make a declaration of performance. Failure to do this will be investigated by Trading Standards and could result in a Court case with a fine and potential custodial sentence for the most serious offences.

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