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Optio BSC94 Lift & Slide Doors Carmarthen & South Wales

At Nolan, we manufacture and install the energy efficient and secure Optio BSC94 lift & slide doors for Carmarthen, Swansea, Cardiff, Neath, Pembroke, Bridgend, and Cardigan homes. Our services span across Wales and the South West, so get a quote now by giivn us a call on 0345 600 9080 for these sliding doors and learn more below.

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Key Features

Slim Sightlines

Our Optio BSC94 lift & slide doors come with incredibly slim sightlines at only 100mm.


Thermally Efficiency

Double glazing is standard for these doors, providing excellent thermal insulation for Carmarthen homes. Triple glazing is also available.



The Optio BSC94 lift & slide doors from AluK can come in various colours and finishes.

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AluK Aluminium

Our Optio BSC94 lift & slide doors are manufactured using AluK materials. Aluminium is a lightweight yet robust material that won’t warp or rust over time.


Inline Slider

Our Optio BSC94 lift & slide doors open horizontally via an inline slider. They use stainless steel rollers to provide a smooth open and close with no swing arc to get in the way.


Thermally Efficient Glazing

The triple glazed variant of the Optio BSC94 lift & slide doors can reach U-values as low as 1.5 W/m2K. They can flood Carmarthen homes with natural light while keeping out the cold.


Weather Resistant

These doors come with Class 4 air tightness and Class 7a water tightness. The tight weather seals throughout the door perimeter can prevent unwanted cold draughts and leaks.


Reduced Threshold

For Carmarthen homes that need easier access, our Optio BSC94 lift & slide doors can be fitted with a lower threshold.


Safe & Secure

With multi point locking systems and a durable aluminium frame, the Optio BSC94 lift & slide doors we manufacture and install can keep Carmarthen homes safe from unwanted intrusion and intense weather conditions.

The Optio BSC94 Lift & Slide Doors By AluK

Sleek & Secure Aluminium Sliding Doors

The AluK aluminium we use for the frames and profiles of these lift & slide doors can be made slim without compromising any structural integrity. It can easily resist all forms of rust and can stand up to any Welsh weather.
Wherever they are installed, from an orangery to a home, the Optio BSC94 lift & slide doors can reassure homeowners with safety and security. Plus, with our ten year guarantee and finance options, homeowners can have total peace of mind that their doors will be built to last.

Yes, we have two showrooms that display many of our products, such as the Optio BSC94 lift & slide doors. There is one in Carmarthen and one in Cardiff. Book a visit today!

We can manufacture and install these lift and slide doors for areas across Wales, including Carmarthen, Cardiff, Cardigan, Neath, Pembroke, Bridgend, and many more.

Yes, our Optio BSC94 lift & slide doors can be manufactured with a mono rail or a duo rail to suit your requirements.

Optio BSC94 Lift & Slide Door costs Carmarthen

Thermally Efficient Aluminium Sliding Doors

Despite being made of aluminium, our Optio BSC94 lift & slide doors offer excellent thermal performance. Homes across Wales can be made more efficient and comfortable year round. 

No matter which configuration is chosen, from mono rail with double glazing to duo rail with triple glazing, every one of our Optio BSC94 lift & slide doors offers low U-values alongside incredible durability.

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Versatile & Customisable

Manufactured using materials provided by AluK, our Optio BSC94 lift & slide doors can come in a wide variety of sizes, configurations, colours, and finishes. Every colour we use is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and can maintain its lustre without intensive maintenance. Textured and anodised finishes are available, making it easy to get the right look and feel for any home.

We can also provide these lift & slide doors with dual colours, creating a unique aesthetic for the interior and exterior of a home. Enjoy a cheery exterior with a dark and moody interior, or however which way!

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Sustainable Sliding Doors

Made using top grade aluminium and bespoke double or triple glazing, these lift & slide doors can be recycled at the end of their decades long lifespan. Homeowners can also reduce their carbon footprint while lowering their energy bills by not needing to rely on gas or electricity to stay warm as often. Find out how much our products could save via our free energy savings calculator.

Kubu Smart Locks

kubu smart components on a table

Many of our products are compatible with Kubu® Smart Security Sensors. These highly secure modern locks can do more than just keep homes safe. They can also offer enhanced functionality and lifestyle features.

SureSecure™ geofence alerts send alerts to your phone when you forget to lock your door.

Kubu can also create alerts for when family members get home or alert that elderly relatives' doors are locked at night.

Alerts can be scheduled around unique lifestyles to suit users best.

Kubu uses machine learning to send important alerts, helping users remember to shut their windows if the forecast predicts rain!
Discover more about Kubu here, or fill out our contact form to learn more about our Kubu Smart Lock compatible products.

Optio BSC94 Lift & Slide Doors

Product Information

Optio BSC94 Lift & Slide Doors Carmarthen hardware


All our aluminium lift & slide doors are fitted with industry leading hardware that is also customisable. With sturdy multi point locking mechanisms and a choice of finishes, our hardware can add the perfect finishing touch.

Window Colours


At Nolan, we understand that the aesthetics of a home are just as important as the performance. That is why we provide these aluminium doors with a wide range of RAL colours that come in various finishes.

Aluminium Glazing Carmarthen

Glazing Options

We manufacture bespoke double and triple glazing for our aluminium and uPVC products. These lift & slide doors can come in a variety of glazing thicknesses to match home requirements and budgets, from 20mm to 31mm.

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