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You can add an influx of natural light to your home with our roof lanterns, perfect for homes in Carmarthen, Cardiff, Swansea, Llanelli, Pembroke, Bridgend, and the rest of Wales and the South West of England. Request roof lantern prices online with our quoting engine.

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Key Features

Low Maintenance

It doesn’t take much to have our roof lanterns looking as good as new for decades.


Made to Measure

From our home in Carmarthenshire, we manufacture our roof lanterns bespoke to you.


Add Style to Your Home

Glass lantern roofs add an aesthetic injection to your property, wherever you live in Wales.

Roof Lantern Prices Carmarthen

Light Transfer

Roof lanterns allow a large amount of natural light to enter your home. This can have the effect of making your home a warmer and inviting space as well as making your interior seem larger than it is.


Toughened Panels

Using toughened glass panels, our roof lanterns will ensure excellent durability and resistance to shattering. This will help keep you and your home safe and secure.


Thermally Efficient

Our roof lanterns are designed to provide excellent thermal performance levels, helping to keep your home warm all year round. This could have the added benefit of lowering your utility bills.


Noise Reduction

We have developed our lantern roofs with our high quality double glazed panels to provide excellent noise reduction levels. This will cut background sounds out of your home.


Double or Triple Glazing

For our range of lantern roofs, we offer you the choice between double or triple glazing. Double glazed roof lanterns will offer solid thermal performance, but triple glazing will raise this even further.


Slim Framing

Using slim framing, our roof lanterns offer elegant aesthetic for your home, giving your property an injection of style. If you’re looking to make a statement, a glass roof lantern could be perfect.

A Sleek, yet Practical Design

Energy Efficient Roof Lanterns

If you’re looking to make your conservatory as warm as possible, you don't have to worry about a roof lantern lowering your heat retention. They have been designed to provide great thermal retention, keeping your conservatory at a consistent temperature.

Aside from keeping your conservatory warm and comfortable, having a thermally efficient roof lantern has environmental benefits. Having an energy efficient house will lower the carbon emissions of your home, reducing your carbon footprint.

We have finance options available on our range of lantern rooflights. This gives you the flexibility to spread the cost of payment over a length of time that suits you.

Providing a solid energy efficiency, our roof lanterns give a U-value of 1.4W/m2K, helping to keep your home warmer in winter and also having the potential to lower your heating bills.

Feel free to pay a visit to either of our showrooms in Carmarthen and Cardiff anytime. Here you’ll be able to see products like our glass roof lanterns in person.

Replacement Roof Lanterns Wales

Slimline, Elegant Looking Roof Lanterns

Our roof lanterns use aluminium framing, which has narrow sightlines for a luxury aesthetic. This also benefits from increasing our lantern skylights’ glass area, helping to ensure maximum light inflow. With inherent style, they’re sure to be a major feature of your home.

As a knock on effect of making our roof lanterns to measure, we can ensure they fit within your property in a way that emphasises the maximum amount style. We offer a range of colour options on our lantern rooflights to ensure complete satisfaction.

Bespoke Roof Lanterns Carmarthen 10 Year Guarantee

Ten Year Guaranteed Roof Lanterns

Made of aluminium, our roof lanterns are rigorously manufactured to the very highest quality. Their aluminium frame grants them a highly durable, sturdy quality and provides a long lasting performance. It also grants high resistance against the weather.

Nolan likes to ensure longevity for our home improvements like our roof lanterns. Across any work we undertake on your property, including the installation of our lantern skylights, we include a ten year guarantee, ensuring a decade of peace of mind.

Global roof lantern Pembroke

Acoustic Insulating Glass

Our double glazing for our lantern rooflights will help to provide an excellent level of noise reduction. This will cut out a lot of the busy background noise that could otherwise disrupt the peaceful environment of your interior.

As well as allowing you to carry out your daily routines uninterrupted, the soundproofing of our lantern rooflights will also help your sleep patterns. By cutting out potentially distracting noises, you’ll also be able to get a more consistent sleeping pattern.

Versatile Customisation

Product Information

Window Colours

Colour Choice

Allowing you to achieve the decorative style you prefer, the framework for our bespoke roof lanterns comes in various colours. This includes single and dual colour options to give even greater freedom.

Large Roof Lanterns Carmarthen

Size Limits

There are several size limits for our roof lanterns aluminium frames. Rectangular size limits are: max length: 2000mm, max width: 1000mm. For square, max length: 1500mm max width: 1500mm.

Aluminium Glazing Carmarthen

Glass Options

If you prefer a fit and forget approach with your glass roof lanterns, you may want to opt for our self cleaning glass. For the very best thermal performance, opt for triple glazing.

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