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Redirect rainwater away from your home with our guttering and downpipes for your home. We cater to those in Carmarthen, Cardiff, Swansea, Llanelli, Pembroke, Bridgend, and the rest of Wales and the South West of England. Request a quote for guttering and downpipes today!

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Key Features

Ten Year Guarantee

Nolan includes a ten year guarantee on our guttering and downpipe fittings.


Redirect Water

Guttering and downpipes ensure water is taken away from your home efficiently.


Minimal Maintenance

Once fitted, your guttering and downpipes will perform with minimal upkeep!

Roofline Carmarthen

Style Choices

There are several styles to choose from with our guttering and soffits to fit seamlessly with your home. Our uPVC gutters come in half round, square and ogee configurations.


Long Lasting

Thanks to their uPVC material, our guttering and downpipes will provide an exceedingly long amount of longevity, providing your home with potentially decades of performance.


Structural Protection

Blocked and overflowing gutters can cause massive structural damage to your home if left unchecked. However, our guttering and downpipes have been designed to alleviate this issue.


Expert Installation

Our experienced and expert team have years of knowledge installing guttering and downpipes. With this knowledge, they can install your gutters quickly and effectively.


Colour Selections

Making your gutters match your home's decorative style is an important and essential finishing touch. We offer our guttering and downpipes in white, black and brown to cater to any property design.


Bespoke Manufacturing

We source of our roofline products from manufacturers that make to order. This enables us to fulfil any customer specifications and requirements and control quality.

Structure Protecting Roofline

Durable and Weather Resistant Guttering

With their uPVC material and excellent manufacturing, our roofline guttering and downpipes provide a strong and durable performance, protecting your home, wherever that may be near to Carmarthen. Overflowing and blocked gutters can weaken your home’s structure if left unchecked.

Thankfully, our guttering and downpipes redirect the water away from your home efficiently. This prevents the possibility of a blockage and overflow, protecting your home's structure. Roofline products such as our gutters will keep your home safe and sound.

uPVC is a very strong and durable material, making it perfect for our gutters and roofline products. Combined with our ten year guarantee, our guttering and downpipes will give a lasting performance.

Pay us a visit in Carmarthen or in Cardiff where our showrooms are open to the public. Here you can get a better look at our gutters and roofline products as well as the rest of our range.

Allowing for flexible payment, we offer several finance options across our roofline product range, including our guttering and downpipes. This gives our customers increased payment flexibility.

Guttering Carmarthen

Guttering and Downpipes Suited to Your Home

For many homeowners, the aesthetics of their gutters and roofline is as important as their functional performance. It is vital that our range of guttering and downpipes suit the style of your home. This creates a uniform look across your entire property.

To accommodate this, we offer our roofline products with a range of configuration options. For our guttering and downpipes, this includes several styles from half round and square to ogee. Finally, choose the perfect colour to add a finishing touch to your roofline.

Replacement Fascias and Soffits Carmarthen

Bespoke, Quality Manufacturing

Nolan is in a fortunate position where we can carry out quality control across our product range. This is afforded because we manufacture and fabricate many of our home improvements, from our Carmarthen base, providing us with the expertise required to ensure total quality.

The process our suppliers use allows us to tailor our roofline products to every customer’s unique specifications and requirements. With this in mind, we can enact perfectly fitted products in our customer’s home. The result is the best possible roofline, guttering and downpipes for you.

Fascia and Soffit Prices Carmarthen

Guttering and Downpipes With Minimal Upkeep

Another amazing benefit of uPVC is the incredibly low amounts of maintenance it affords. It requires very little cleaning and upkeep to continue providing the maximum amount of protection. With its longevity ensuring properties, this is likely to be years of performance.

Our expert team will provide a rapid and complete guttering and downpipe fitting at the point of installation. With so many years of experience, they are assured to provide the best possible gutter fitting. You can trust Nolan for quality roofline products.

Versatile Customisation

Product Information

Window Colours

Colour Choice

We offer several classic colours for our guttering and downpipes to suit any style of home. If you have a traditional property with a timber structure, you may want to use our brown colour, for a unified look. The choice is entirely yours by choosing Nolan.

Bespoke Fascias and Soffits Carmarthen

Style Range

Depending on the look of your home, you may prefer a different style of guttering and downpipes. This includes half round, square and ogee, each with its own unique and distinct style that could complement your home.

Fascias Soffits and Guttering Carmarthen

Unified Roofline

With the range of customisation available, it can be easy to design unique roofline with Nolan. However, better yet, you can also unify the customised elements with our other roofline products, creating a sleek and standardised look.

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