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uPVC Bow and Bay Windows, Carmarthen

Maximise the space of your home with our range of bow and bay windows. We supply and install to properties in Carmarthen, Cardiff, Swansea, Llanelli, Pembroke, Bridgend and the rest of Wales and the South West. Contact us today at 0345 600 9080 to get uPVC bow and bay window prices for free.

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Key Features

Energy Efficiency

A++ thermal energy ratings are possible from our double glazed uPVC bow and bay windows.


Highly Secure

Every part of our uPVC double glazed windows works in unison to keep your home protected.


Long Lifespan

uPVC frameworks stand firm in the test of time, often lasting around 30 years if maintained correctly.

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Unique Design

If you’re looking for uPVC double glazing that will improve your home’s aesthetic uPVC bow and bay windows are for you. They offer a timeless injection of elegance to your home.


Bespoke Manufacturing

We like to ensure that the highest quality materials and processes go into our uPVC double glazing. We manufacture our uPVC bow and bay windows in house from our base in Carmarthen.


Ten Year Guarantee

Replacing your windows is not something you want to do regularly. Thankfully, with Nolan’s ten year guarantee, you’re ensured at least a decade of longevity from your uPVC bow and bay windows.


FENSA Approved

You can trust Nolan to deliver high quality products and service for your home improvements. Products such as our uPVC bow and bay windows are FENSA approved, reflecting our high standards.


Weather Resistance

The UK weather can throw a lot at your double glazing, so it’s good to make sure they’re up to the task. Our uPVC bow and bay windows are fully weatherproof, repelling the elements from your home.


Sound Insulation

Keep noise out of your home with our uPVC double glazed windows. Our bow and bay windows have excellent levels of soundproofing to keep volume low inside your home.

Timelessly Aesthetic Windows

Sleek and Stylish uPVC Bow and Bay Windows

uPVC bow and bay windows can transform the style of any property, regardless of age. They are of a unique design, adding a distinctive feature to your home. Offering panoramic views, they’ll open up the interior of your home and create an inviting environment.

While the aesthetic benefits that uPVC bow and bay windows add to a property are undeniable, they also give an effortlessly great performance. Heat retention is high, remaining within your home and keeping your property warmer in winter. They’re also safe and secure.

We have a whole host of options and adaptations available to you for our uPVC bow and bay windows. Thanks to our bespoke manufacturing, right here in Carmarthenshire, we can tailor to your needs.

Finance is an available payment method for your uPVC bow and bay windows. This gives you the flexibility to pay for your window in small, manageable instalments.

We actually have two! We have one in Carmarthen and another in Cardiff. You can see our uPVC double glazing up close at either of these locations and ask any questions you may have.

Bay Windows designs

uPVC Bow and Bay Windows - Perfect for any Property

Offering amazing versatility, our uPVC bow and bay windows look great with both traditional and modern homes. They have a truly timeless design that works as well in a modern new build as it does in a much older, heritage property.

With their wide sightlines and unique visual appearance, our uPVC double glazed windows will bring elegance to your property. If you’re looking to replace outdated designs of windows, bows or bays could offer an excellent, distinct replacement.

uPVC Bay Windows

Bespoke Manufactured Double Glazing

Thanks to producing our uPVC double glazed windows in house, we can ensure high quality control. We use top quality materials and the best suppliers to make sure our windows’ performance is of the very highest standard.

It also makes installation a much smoother, simpler process. By manufacturing bespoke, we help to ensure a perfect fit for your home. This takes the hassle out of the process of fitting your brand new uPVC bow and bay windows.

Bow Windows Carmarthen

Energy Efficient uPVC Bow and Bay Windows

It’s the main reason why homeowners are choosing uPVC double glazing for their home. uPVC is a naturally insulative material, helping to improve heat retention throughout your home. In winter especially, you could feel a big difference in temperature using our uPVC bow and bay windows.

You should feel the difference in the temperature of your home, and hopefully, you’ll notice it in your bills too. With high thermal efficiency levels, our uPVC bow and bay windows could reduce the need for heating. That could mean much lower heating bills for your home.

Kubu Smart Locks

kubu smart components on a table

Many of our products are compatible with Kubu® Smart Security Sensors. These highly secure modern locks can do more than just keep homes safe. They can also offer enhanced functionality and lifestyle features.

SureSecure™ geofence alerts send alerts to your phone when you forget to lock your door.

Kubu can also create alerts for when family members get home or alert that elderly relatives' doors are locked at night.

Alerts can be scheduled around unique lifestyles to suit users best.

Kubu uses machine learning to send important alerts, helping users remember to shut their windows if the forecast predicts rain!
Discover more about Kubu here, or fill out our contact form to learn more about our Kubu Smart Lock compatible products.

Versatile Customisation

Product Information

Window Colours

Colours and Finishes

With our expansive choice of bow and bay window colours, you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you want your personality to shine through, you may pick a bright colour. Otherwise, a more subtle shade might be more your thing.

Bespoke Bow and Bay Windows Carmarthen

Glass Options

Want to get the most style from your uPVC windows? Why not choose one of our glass patterns for our double glazed windows? We have many for you to choose from, allowing you to create a unique set of bow or bay windows.

Bay Window Hardware

Hardware and Accessories

You can change the colour and style of your uPVC bow and bay windows hardware to match with your home’s décor. This will ensure a seamless transition between your uPVC double glazing and home in Wales or the South West.

Showroom Heritage Windows Carmarthen

Showrooms Available

Visit our Showrooms!

Head on down to either of our showroom to see our uPVC bow and bay windows in person!

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