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Aluminium Heritage Windows, Carmarthen

If you’re looking to replace steel framed windows, our aluminium heritage windows are the perfect solution for your home in Carmarthen, Cardiff, Swansea, Llanelli, Pembroke, Bridgend or across the rest of Wales and the South West. Request aluminium heritage window prices today by calling us at 0345 600 9080 or use our online quoting engine!

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Key Features

Heat Retention

Our aluminium heritage windows achieve excellent levels of energy efficiency as standard.


Low Maintenace

With such a minimal level of maintenance, aluminium heritage windows are fit and forget.



Our aluminium double glazing offer excellent acoustic insulation, improving privacy.

Heritage Windows Carmarthen

Narrow Sightlines

If you’re looking to replace the steel framed windows currently in your home, aluminium heritage windows are an excellent choice. They retain the narrow sightlines with improved energy efficiency.


Multipoint Locking

While the look of these aluminium windows is heritage, the security features are state of the art. With multipoint locking, these aluminium double glazed windows are a secure window solution.


Weather Performance

With the weather as unpredictable as we get in Britain, it's essential your aluminium double glazed windows are completely watertight. Thankfully, aluminium heritage windows are fully sealed.


Long Lifespan

Aluminium heritage windows aren’t lacking when it comes to longevity. With an incredibly sturdy profile, aluminium double glazed windows will give years or likely even decades of excellent quality.


Sustainable Resource

Thankfully, the environmental impact of aluminium heritage windows is much lower than other alternatives. Aluminium windows are easy to recycle, making a sustainable double glazing solution.


Customisation Options

To allow you the greatest level of flexibility for your aluminium heritage windows, we offer a range of customisation options. From colours to double glazing options, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Ten Year Guaranteed Windows

Steel Aesthetic Aluminium Heritage Windows

If you’re looking to replace your steel framed windows, aluminium heritage windows are the perfect choice. They replicate the narrow sightlines seen in steel framed windows but with a much lighter, and more energy efficient, performance.

Aluminium double glazing is a long lasting and hard wearing window solution. With an incredible amount of longevity, our aluminium heritage windows will be with you for many years to come. Their acoustic performance will allow you to have a peaceful home environment too.

We like to offer homeowners a great deal of flexibility when it comes to our range of aluminium double glazing. We offer top and side hung options on the aluminium heritage windows we offer.

Want to see our aluminium heritage windows in person? Pop along to one of our showrooms in either Carmarthen or Cardiff today to see our double glazing products in person.

We offer finance options across our range of home improvement products to allow you flexibility with payment options. This lets you spread the cost over a timeframe that suits you.

With narrow sightlines, aluminium heritage windows provide an undeniably minimalist aesthetic, perfect for a wide range of properties. With our massive amount of customisation options that we offer, you’ll be able to tailor our aluminium double glazing to your home’s unique style.

When it comes to colour options, we have a massive selection that will ensure you can inject your personality into your aluminium heritage windows. If you really want to capture a traditional aesthetic, we have a range of authentic options for you to choose from.

When choosing new double glazed windows, you want to ensure they’ll last the test of time. With aluminium heritage windows, you’re assured the kind of longevity that few other double glazing styles can come close to matching.

Tough and resistant, our aluminium double glazing will provide excellent protection against any potential intruders. The multi point locks will help your peace of mind even further. Meanwhile, full weatherproofing ensures our aluminium heritage windows aren't affected by wind or rain.

When you make your home more energy efficient through aluminium double glazing, you’re ensuring several great benefits. Of course, you’re potentially lowering your heating bills and keeping your home warmer, but you're also helping the environment.

A more energy efficient home releases fewer carbon emissions, helping to protect the environment. Thanks to our aluminium heritage windows' excellent energy efficiency, you'll be helping your home and the environment to boot.

Showroom Heritage Windows Carmarthen

Carmarthen & Cardiff Based

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Many of our products are compatible with Kubu® Smart Security Sensors. These highly secure modern locks can do more than just keep homes safe. They can also offer enhanced functionality and lifestyle features.

SureSecure™ geofence alerts send alerts to your phone when you forget to lock your door.

Kubu can also create alerts for when family members get home or alert that elderly relatives' doors are locked at night.

Alerts can be scheduled around unique lifestyles to suit users best.

Kubu uses machine learning to send important alerts, helping users remember to shut their windows if the forecast predicts rain!
Discover more about Kubu here, or fill out our contact form to learn more about our Kubu Smart Lock compatible products.

Versatile Customisation

Product Information

Decorative Glass Carmarthen

Glass Options

The glass you choose for your aluminium heritage windows could have a large impact on your home, stylistically and practically. With options for obscure texture glass, you get greater privacy.

Window Colours

Colour Choice

Every customer’s home will have a unique and distinct visual design. With our aluminium heritage windows expansive array of colours, you’ll be able to carry your aesthetic across your entire home

Window Handles

Hardware and Accessories

If you’re looking to replicate a traditional style with your aluminium heritage windows, our hardware and accessories options could be vital. Add monkey tail handles and peg stays to complete the look.


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