12 December 2023

Are Triple Glazed Windows and Doors worth it?

Are Triple Glazed Windows and Doors worth it?

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Triple glazed windows can be an excellent addition to any Welsh home. Compared to single glazed windows, triple glazing windows cost more but can be a worthwhile investment for years to come. Nolan uPVC is capable of providing triple glazed bifold doors, triple glazed French doors, patio doors, and all of our windows with a range of triple glazing thicknesses.

Benefits of triple glazing 

There are plenty of reasons to choose triple glazed windows and doors over single or even double glazed versions. Below, we have listed a few that may interest homeowners looking to get the most out of their property.

Excellent Energy Efficiency

One of the most important things to consider when choosing what windows or doors to upgrade to is the energy saving capabilities that they have. A more energy efficient window can keep homes warmer for longer without needing to rely on constant heating from gas or electricity. Triple glazing U values are typically lower than double glazing u values because the additional pane of glass can retain even more heat. 

Condensation Build Up

Your new windows triple glazed panes can resist condensation much better than your old single glazed ones. The gaps of air between each pane act as a buffering barrier that keeps out the cold air and keeps in the warm air. Condensation is caused by a room that is high in moisture and is not well insulated, leading to not enough of a barrier from the outside cold.  By thickening the barrier, less cold can creep in, leading to a reduced chance of condensation buildup. 

Reduced Noise

Our triple glazed doors and windows can reduce the noise that enters or exits a home. Homeowners can enjoy loud nights without annoying neighbours or get a good night’s sleep without disturbances from outside like traffic or animals. Double or triple glazing can accomplish this, but triple glazing increases the muffling effect just that extra bit further for those in need of the most sound resistance possible. 

Disadvantages of triple glazing

While triple glazing does have a number of benefits that make it ideal for those looking to maximise their home capabilities, it also has a small list of disadvantages that may lead some to prefer double glazed windows and doors instead.

Increased Weight

One example of double glazing being slightly superior to triple glazing is the increased weight that triple glazing has. Due to the window needing additional space of a third pane, the entire frame needs to be made thicker and stronger to compensate for the heavier weight. 

Triple Glazing VS Double Glazing

Double glazing vs triple glazing is an interesting matchup, as both can enhance an old home in a big way. The key things to consider are the increased weight and cost for small but substantial returns. So, is triple glazing worth it? For homes that require the best in security, thermal performance, and sound insulation, then yes! Triple glazing could be the right choice as it offers the best possible of these three things. Is it worth replacing double glazing, though, that has only recently been installed? Perhaps not, as Nolan uPVC’s double glazing can also provide high thermal efficiency without increased weight at an affordable price.

Triple Glazing Cost Calculator

Try our energy savings calculator to find out how much you could save with our triple-glazing windows and discover the answer to the question, “Is triple-glazing worth it?”. It works for a range of devices, is free to use, and can calculate savings for a variety of energy types and properties. 

Triple Glazed Window Cost

The cost of triple glazed windows can vary depending on the style, size, colour, and more, but with Nolan uPVC you can get a free quote for your triple glazed products via our online tool. For more information, use our contact form or speak to a member of staff directly on 0345 600 9080. For homeowners looking to enhance their homes with new triple-glazed windows and doors, check out our finance options to get the best plan to suit your budget. 

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