27 October 2020

Why choose a composite door?

Why choose a composite door?

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When choosing which door is right for you there may be a few factors that contribute to the discussion such as cost and security. Composite doors are a popular choice in the UK but what are the benefits of this type of door?

Why Choose A Composite Door?

What is a composite door made out of?

Composite doors are named as such due to the fact they are manufactured using multiple materials. These doors typically consist of a steel reinforced frame, a solid timber hardwood core which is topped with a thermo-plastic skin. The composition of a composite door means they are strong and secure and don’t succumb to the elements, and the outside layer is scratch and scuff resistant. These elements are specifically chosen for their individual properties and are combined to counteract the flaws commonly found in single-material doors.  

What are the benefits of a composite door?

Secure Composite Doors Carmarthen Composite doors have a high thermal performance, meaning reductions to your heating bills and an insulated home. Noise reduction is also increased with a composite door, providing the longevity of uPVC with the strength, solidity and warm of natural wood. A composite door is great value for money as it is durable and has a long lifespandue to the outer plastic layer. This layer also allows for a lower maintenance option over timber doors as the colours do not fade and are easily cleaned. In summary, composite doors are ideal if you are looking for:
  • Security
  • Durability
  • Value For Money
  • Design Variety

Solidor Composite Doors

Solidor composite doors boast the largest colour selection in the UK, with 24 colours available for the interior and exterior of the door plus 9 frame colours to choose from. The Solidor colour range is split into Contemporary, Luxury, Premium and Standard colours, including 3 brand new editions Tangerine, Ruby Red and Midnight Grey which were added in summer 2020. Available with glass, composite side panel or quarter panel, these doors are Secured by Design and PAS24 certified, so you can rest easy knowing you have the highest security and highest quality hardware protecting your home.  

What does your front door say about you?

The look and feel of your home can be altered by your entrance door, so why notcustomise it from scratch to suit your taste? Try out the Solidor Door Designer by clicking here and design your dream entrance door today. With an extensive range of designs, colours and hardware to choose from, you can try as many combinations as you like to see which is best.  

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We have Solidor entrance doors at both our Carmarthen and Cardiff showrooms for you to see for yourself. Open Monday to Friday in Johnstown, Carmarthen andNorth Road Cardiff. If you have any questions about composite doors, or any of our other products then please don’t hesitate to get in touch by giving us a call on 01267 223700 or emailing sales@nolanupvc.co.uk.

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