25 April 2024

Designing for the Future: The Rise in Sustainable Windows and Doors

Designing for the Future: The Rise in Sustainable Windows and Doors

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As fuel prices continue to rise, and the price of heating climbs beyond what many are willing or even capable of paying, designing products for the future has become a priority for businesses worldwide - and Nolan uPVC is no exception.

We’ve all seen the rise in sustainability, from the food and drinks we consume to the devices we use every day. The window and door industry is no different, and at Nolan uPVC, we have evolved in recent years to have more eco-friendly business practices, manufacturing techniques, and highly sustainable double glazed products. 

Discover below why you should keep a close eye on the rise in sustainable windows and doors, and upgrade your home today with one of our highly efficient double glazed home improvements. 

Benefits of Sustainable Windows and Doors

A Warmer Home

As technology has advanced, we’ve been able to produce more energy efficient windows and doors with intelligently designed frames made to maximise the thermal retention of a home. One of the key features that has made modern windows and doors so capable of keeping the heat in is double glazing. 

Here at Nolan uPVC, we install and supply highly thermally efficient uPVC or aluminium windows and doors. The aluminium frames contain hidden polyamide thermal breaks to increase their heat-saving capabilities, while uPVC is one of the most energy efficient window materials on the modern market. These profile materials, combined with our bespoke double and triple glazing, allow us to offer homeowners throughout South Wales some of the best in sustainability and energy efficiency. 

If your property still has single glazing or years old double glazing, we recommend upgrading to modern double glazing. It could help you stay warm and comfortable all year round without needing to turn up the heating. All of our modern windows and doors come with powerful double glazing as standard so that you can pick your favourite options without concern.  

Reduced Energy Bills

Heating has become expensive, no matter which way you cut it, from gas to electricity. Being able to switch it off more often without creating danger for those at risk can alone make the investment into a window or door upgrade worth it. 

Want to see how much you could save? Try the free energy savings calculator and get an accurate result based on your unique home size, heating type, and windows. It works for a variety of our Deceuninck uPVC products, letting you find a window replacement style that fits your home's aesthetic. 

Smaller Carbon Footprint

A lesser thought benefit to upgrading to more sustainable, heat-efficient windows or doors is the reduction in a home's overall carbon footprint. By using less gas or electricity to heat the home each year, a property can make less of an impact on the local environment. This may seem like a small win, but at Nolan uPVC, it’s our goal to see the entirety of Wales fast-forwarded into the future with eco-friendly double glazing. When we all do our part, it creates a massive impact!

Longer Lasting Performance

Another benefit to sustainably made, modern windows and doors is that they can last for literal decades. uPVC manufacturing and recycling have been massively improved since its initial introduction into the UK, and aluminium is a long-lasting metal that can be 100% reclaimed and recycled. Even after over 20 years of providing excellent performance, each material can be processed for use all over again!

Nolan uPVC: Combining Sustainable Manufacturing and Beautiful Double Glazing

If you’re interested in enhancing your home efficiency or security with our sustainable windows and doors but are concerned about losing the unique look and feel of your home, then there’s nothing to worry about! With Nolan uPVC, you can choose from a vast range of customisable double glazing options, including aluminium and uPVC windows, doors, and conservatories or orangeries. 

Each of our double glazed products can come in a variety of colours or woodgrain foils, as well as hardware options, letting you create a look that mimics your old property or new build.

Sustainable Window and Door Prices

Bring your home into the future and upgrade to our sustainable windows and doors by getting a free quote now on our website. Learn more about energy saving and how modern glazing can help by calling our team directly at 0345 600 9080 or leaving your queries with our contact form  
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