25 April 2024

Our Energy Savings Calculator: See How Much You Could Save

Our Energy Savings Calculator: See How Much You Could Save

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Nolan uPVC is proud to help homeowners throughout South Wales start saving on their energy bills. As we draw closer to summer, it’s the perfect time to enhance your home while the weather is clear and sunny. Energy bills are far from what they used to be, and by preparing for this coming winter with new double glazed doors, windows, or a fresh conservatory, you can stay ahead of the curve to save when days are darkest.

Discover how our modern uPVC windows can help reduce your heating bills, and see the results yourself with our free-to-use energy savings calculator!

Upgrade to Modern Double Glazing

Did you know that one of the main ways that homes lose heat is via their windows and doors? Many properties throughout Wales still only have single glazed windows or very old double glazing, leading to massive heat loss during the winter months. Since double glazing took the UK by storm in the 1970s, it has helped trap more heat within a property for much longer, leading to more efficient heating and fuel use. In the decades since then, double glazed windows have only become even more efficient at thermal retention. 

By fully switching to modern double glazed windows, you can have a comfortable interior all year round, without needing to turn up the thermostat or turn on the fire. Plus, double and triple glazed windows can do more than just provide powerful energy saving potential. The additional pane of glass helps to trap and muffle sound, helping to increase privacy and reduce external noise from penetrating into the home. 

Reducing the amount of energy it takes to heat your home can even help to improve the environment as your carbon footprint will be reduced. It may seem like a small difference, but at Nolan uPVC, we believe that enhancing as many homes as possible throughout South Wales can lead to big improvements in the country's sustainability!

Additionally, beyond just the type of glazing, many modern windows are compliant with newer building regulations, which means that your home can be made safer and more secure with features like trickle vents and multipoint locking mechanisms. 

The energy efficiency of windows is measured via a scale, with A+ being the highest capability. At Nolan uPVC, we can install uPVC casement windows that can reach an A+ rating, and many are PAS 24 certified for total security and peace of mind. 

Calculator Compatible uPVC Windows

The energy savings calculator is compatible with a variety of our uPVC window range. It can provide accurate results for almost any property type and size, alongside existing window style and heating systems. 

The calculator can showcase potential energy bill savings you’d gain by upgrading to one of four window styles: traditional 2500, traditional 2800, flush 2500, and flush 2800. Each of these window options can provide incredible energy efficiency thanks to their intelligently designed internal shape and material. 

Our traditional 2500 uPVC window range has chamfered frames for a subtly angular look; meanwhile, the 2800 uPVC window range has softly sculptured frames that offer a rounder, fuller appearance. 

When combined with our gorgeous woodgrain foil finishes, our chamfered and sculptured flush casement windows offer a traditional timber window aesthetic. Thus, you can maintain your heritage home design while benefiting from our powerful double glazing. 

No matter your choice, each of our uPVC windows can be customised with a full collection of colours, woodgrains, hardware and glazing options to suit your personal preferences. 

Energy Savings Calculator

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