12 October 2023

The Complete Guide to Aluminium Windows

The Complete Guide to Aluminium Windows

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Aluminium windows have massively grown in popularity over recent years, and it’s not surprising to see why. Aluminium windows can come in a broad range of styles and have a host of benefits that can improve any home across Wales. Compared to traditional timber windows, they can grant increased security, energy efficiency, and more. Below, this guide will help explain many of the unique features and advantages of upgrading to aluminium windows.

Aluminium VS uPVC & Timber

Aluminium vs uPVC windows

At Nolan uPVC, we offer a variety of uPVC and aluminium windows to suit all sorts of needs. Aluminium windows and uPVC windows both have similar features and benefits while also having unique distinctions that are important to note when deciding the future look and performance of a home. 

Aluminium is an incredibly versatile and lightweight material that’s also highly durable. Meanwhile, uPVC windows also offer a high level of versatility and are also lightweight with excellent strength. The key differences between these two options are uPVC’s cost effectiveness and ability to mimic the look and feel of traditional timber via our woodgrain foil options. Meanwhile, aluminium windows offer unparalleled longevity and security due to their metal structure. 

While some think that aluminium windows are more sustainable than their uPVC counterparts, the recycling process of uPVC has become much more advanced. Here at Nolan uPVC, we recycle 95% of our waste, which includes uPVC. We’re always looking for ways to make our environment and business more eco friendly, and aluminium windows are an excellent option for those looking for a long term upgrade that can be reused even at the end of the windows’ decades long lifespans. You can learn more about the sustainability of aluminium windows here.

Meanwhile, timber windows do offer that authentic heritage look but come with the shortcomings of having the shortest lifespan, the weakest sightlines, and high maintenance requirements. The various uPVC window options that are available at Nolan uPVC can be an excellent choice for those looking for a timber alternative that maintains the heritage appearance. However, aluminium windows are the perfect choice if you’re a homeowner looking for a more modern, popular aesthetic. 

There are many reasons why you should be offering aluminium windows to customers beyond those listed here. You can find out more via this article.

Aluminium Window Types

aluminium panoramic windows

There is a massive variety of aluminium windows available on the market today, and with Nolan uPVC, you can choose from an excellent selection of different types of styles. AluK provides our aluminium windows, which are some of the most reliable on the market. 

Our range includes aluminium sculptured, chamfered, heritage, bay, contemporary, and panoramic windows. Discover more of our available range by visiting What Types Of Aluminium Products Do Nolan Offer?

No matter what the aesthetic or area of a home, Nolan uPVC can offer aluminium windows to fit the bill. Our AluK aluminium windows are available in multiple sizes to suit jobs big and small. The Ovolo detailing of the sculptured aluminium windows can provide a hint of traditional appearance while offering maximum efficiency and security, letting homeowners get the most out of their homes without compromise. 

Energy Efficient Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Contemporary windows

While the look and feel of a home’s windows are integral to its unique appearance, perhaps the key feature of windows is their ability to keep a home safe and comfortable against the elements. Our AluK provided aluminium windows come with an intelligently designed polyamide thermal break, allowing the windows to maximise their energy efficiency. 

Additionally, our bespoke double glazing is designed to trap heat within the home, leading to a warmer interior without having to rely on expensive energy consumption. Every one of our aluminium windows includes low U-values and high energy ratings, with many capable of reaching an ‘A’ rating. Increasing the energy efficiency of a home has many benefits beyond making the home more comfortable year round. These benefits include reducing the carbon emissions of the home, alongside helping to potentially reduce energy bills in the long term.

By upgrading to modern glazing with our aluminium windows, your home could not only look refreshed but also perform better for years to come. As standard, we provide our double glazing, but for those looking for peak energy performance, we also have the option for triple glazing. Learn the differences between double and triple glazing in this article.

For more information regarding energy ratings and how they work, read What Is the Best Energy Rating?

Slim Sightline Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows and doors

Thanks to their robust metal frames, aluminium windows can be made with much slimmer sightlines compared to similar styled windows made of different materials. This provides more space for our thermally efficient double glazing while also flooding homes with natural light, all while not compromising on the window's structural integrity.

The sleek, thin aluminium frames are especially gorgeous on our panoramic aluminium windows, as they can help to provide the illusion of increased space. However, having beautiful viewing angles is helpful in any window style. 

Safe & Secure Aluminium Windows

AluK Tilt by turn windows

The durability of aluminium windows is second to none. As standard, our aluminium windows come with multi point locking mechanisms to ensure safety against unwanted intrusions and harsh weather conditions. The metal frames can easily withstand sudden blows or heavy rains without absorbing moisture, warping, or cracking.

Many of our AluK provided aluminium windows are also PAS 24 certified and have undergone rigorous safety and security checks.

Customisation Options

58BW casement windows near me

Aluminium windows can be provided in a massive range of popular colours. At Nolan uPVC,  you can pick from over 200 RAL shades so that you can get the right look that suits your desired aesthetic. While aluminium windows can’t be repainted, they more than make up for it as the colours we provide are highly scratch and fade resistant. Even after years of exposure to the elements and intense weather effects, our aluminium windows can continue to maintain their bright and vibrant colour. 

Colour is not the only available customisation option; there are also different hardware styles available to get the perfect finishing touch. 

Aluminium Window Costs & Prices

Many things can affect the cost of aluminium windows, such as their size, their style, their colour, alongside any potential optional upgrade features. With Nolan uPVC, you can get a fast and easy online quote for an accurate price on all our aluminium windows. We also offer multiple finance options to help you finance your new aluminium windows, which you can learn more about here.

For more information, fill out our contact form or speak to an expert directly at 0345 600 9080. Alternatively, you can learn about the cost of upgrading to double glazing here.

Nolan uPVC Guarantee

We provide a comprehensive ten year guarantee for all of our aluminium windows, as well as the rest of our energy efficient double glazed products. Homeowners and those in the trade can have total peace of mind when choosing Nolan uPVC.

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